Monday, March 15, 2010

Aaannd...we’re back!

After a month
-long hiatus, Fun With Grindr is back! Sorry for the void of Grindr jollies, but sometimes life takes precedence (darn it!).

But we’re back and I have an iPhone so brimming with hot, droolworthy guys that I keep catching it masturbating in my pocket. (I was wondering where that unsightly moisture was seeping from...) So without further ado, today’s comeback posting is all hotness...

Beam me up

Scott’s going to look funny when he stands up and has a bunch of funny indents on his back...

Not that I’ll be paying much attention to that part of his anatomy.

He be illin’

Run, Dmc, run! I mean, he could walk this way, but it’s tricky. Because, y’know, it’s like that.


Interesting how those on Grindr who don’t seem to be looking for a hookup always put a really hot shirtless photo as their profile? It’s like going to an adult bookstore and saying you’re there to look for an Archie Comics Digest.

Easy 2-Step Instructions!

I’d consider putting Tab A in Slot B a simple thing, wouldn’t you...?

Fuzzy was he?

Anyone who’s been hanging around here long enough knows I love just a little bit of fur on a guy. So this is pure hotness for me.

Although that green wall is making my stomach remember that green beer that I had a year ago on St. Patrick’s Day. (groan...) I’ll definitely not overdo it this year.

Though I’d overdo M here with no problem.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Missing half-naked summers...

Just a reminder of how much winter in the midwest sucks.

Hush. Don't say a word.

Why's KJ on Grindr? Looks like he already found someone inflated and plastic and who won't object to having sex.

Low Gun

He's just asking me to kick him in the crotch.

Sorry -- did I say 'kick'? I meant 'lick'...


Just a damn cute guy.

That's all.


Ho White

M: Mirror, mirror, on the wall, will I find an LTR on Grindr at all?

Mirror: M, M, before my glass, you may have to settle for just getting it up the ass...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My next boyfriend

Anyone who's read this blog long enough knows that the gentleman in this Grindr profile is rumored to be the very hot and talented Chris Salvatore.

He just recorded a new single and you can access it via YouTube here: Broke Another Heart

His other stuff, including the amazing song It's You, is available on iTunes here: iTunes: Chris Salvatore


James the

The name "James" means 'supplanter'.

I know what I'd like to su-plant into Jim...

Hypocrisy at its best

[sent in by Craig. Check out his amazingly funny blog: Puntabulous]

Monday, February 8, 2010

Leading the worship

If he runs, I'll run after him.

aka "Jordan"

Hey, look! Michael Stipe's on Grindr!

Who knew?

The first rule of Fight Club

Tyler looks like he could beat the shit out of anyone that dares attempt a chat.

Kinda makes me wanna attempt a chat.

Hair Bear

Take K2's head, turn it upside down, put it back on, and it would still kinda look the same...

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Pirates of the Bear-a-seein'

Ahrr! What treasures thar be within ye ample chest...

Don't make Ken jealous

An ex-Marine with a Barbie fetish?

Logan, run!

This is just a kickass, cool photo.

And he's certainly honest: "This pic is old I looks a lot worse now"

Well, okay, he could use a bit of help in the grammar department, but as long as he keeps quiet and doesn't cut me, we'll be fine...

Victor's Secret

I'm not sure what's worse -- boobs on a guy or boobs on Grindr.

And I'm thinkin' his profile name should be ROfunlift, due to his obvious need for additional support.

Hair Club

Friday, February 5, 2010

Happy Happy Boy Boy

Just some hot guys. And a boy. It's too creepy to speculate -- just concentrate on the two in the middle...

Though I doubt that kid's mom knows that his photo is being used on a gay hookup app...

Bring out the Pimp

Wow. He's. Freakin. Adorable.

I'm disappointed that he's not a pimp, though. Unless Notta Pimp is his name, in which case, my disappointment would be misplaced...

Damn kids!

Whoa, there, George. The young whippersnappers that you're watching walk on your lawn aren't worth the charges of homicide.

You just gotta trust me on that one.

And you seem just a tad higher-strung that someone who's just "hanging out"...

Crappy expression

Looking at Alexander from the shoulders up, he appears to be having a very satifying poo.


Damn, this is a hot car.

I wonder if it's a top or a bottom...

Here's hoping for bottom!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ripe, not spoiled

Maybe it's the badboy cropped beard, maybe it's the longish hair, maybe it's the implication of a threesome, or maybe it's the messy kitchen, but this guy totally makes my socks go up and down.

Alright, it's not the messy kitchen...

And so help me, RipeJock better not be seen on Guys I Blocked on Grindr...!

2010 Outlook Awards: I'm nominated!

No, it's not an award for the website... :(

Your friendly neighborhood Spike -- and humble host here at Fun With Grindr -- has been nominated for a 2010 Outlook Award for Favorite Male Stripper!

But now it's up to you guys to help me win! The competition is really tough, so I'll need all the help I can get -- hence, the blatant Fun With Grindr solicitation. :)

Go to OutlookColumbus to select the winners from those nominated. Most of you won't know what to choose for most of the survey (and they make you select an answer for all of the categories), but as long as you select Spike Warden for Favorite Stripper, I'll be forever in your debt!

Thanks to all of those that choose to help me out!

And remember: It's not just a vote for me, it's a vote for all skinny guys with average-sized penises...

There's nothing wrong with Ohio...

It's cold and miserable here in the Midwest, so I thought I'd post a cute, happy guy on a warm, sunny beach.

Okay, somehow it's not really helping.

Reality hookup

This is one of those guys that shows up to your door and you find out he's ten years older, 70 pounds heavier and hasn't taken a picture of himself shirtless since he was a football player in high school.

Not...uh...that that sort of thing has to me...


Mirror, mirror, on crack...

That's the gayest mirror I have ever seen.

I can't even comment on Josh, his package, or his lack of undergarment fashion sense -- I just can't get past that damn mirror...

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I didn't mean to turn you on

Um...what? Are you sure you're not here for hookups? Because your attire kinda says differently.

Of course, wearing nothing but a towel could also mean you're looking for someone to do your laundry.

Yeah...I bet that's it...

Experiencing Rembrandt

Remember that episode when Ross whitened his teeth just before going out on a hot date?


Stay away from any blacklight, Jackson.

Wanna flip...burgers?

Well, it's good to know that Kevin has a plan once he hits 30, abs go to pot, and his modeling career is over.

caliente y atractivo

Is it germane to lust after this guy...?

Cum to the beach

Hey, that better be sand on that finger...

Monday, February 1, 2010

Maddeningly Hot Monday

I had to start the week with this OMG hottie. Except 'hottie' doesn't do him justice.

I'll do him justice, though...

My Pretty Tony

The hot-as-heck Tony here is trying to look all tough.


y'know, it's kinda working...

Perfection sent to it's bloody death

Dammit, Jake, you'd be perfect if you weren't sporting a freakin' fauxhawk.

...sigh... Will the cute ones never learn...?

Oh, just 'dead' is fine...

Wow. This dude's hot as hell. I totally gotta chat with him and hook up. I bet his dick is huge, what with all the postmortem swelling and all...

(sorry. ew.)

No mo' faux!

In utter retaliation for all the fauxhawks that run rampant in city streets, like a rabid dog that doesn't realize it's already long dead, I give you Drew. Who actually has a real mohawk.

Congrats to our winner!

Congratulations Bryan M. of Salem, Wisconsin!

Bryan won a 2(x)ist gift pack worth over $50! Have fun in and out of those undies, Bryan.

Oh, and it just so happens that our happy winner writes about underwear (ironically enough)! Go to UndieFan to check out Bryan. Um...his writing, I mean. Not the...y'know...other thing... (though I know you want to) ;)

Saturday, January 30, 2010


Nasty is right. Because that's the only way I can think right now...

Crack me up

Excuse me, sir, but your ass is showing.

You keep dragon me back in!

I love tats. And this one's killer. I wanna have sex with it.

Mischief is my middle name

I have a feeling this sly little cutie's got something up his...uh, sleeve.