Thursday, November 12, 2009

Grandma's award-winning butt breaker

I wonder if he's ever won an award for busting bungholes. Though now it's making me wonder how that type of competition would go down...

(hehe...I said "down"...)

I just hope it's not one of the awards his grandmother's given him.

Not only is this guy a smartass, he's a damn cute one. Too bad he's not 14 miles away from me...

(thanks to BeanieFish for sending in this screenshot)


  1. Hey, the guy's got a sense of humor, that's good. And he's certianly given enough topics to start a conversation with him about...beyond the normal "what are your stats?"


  2. I know! That sense of humor makes him totally hot. :)

  3. This guy terrifiez me. He looks like he's gonna go Hannibal Lecter and murder me through the phone.