Friday, November 13, 2009


Okay, so I changed my Grindr pic yesterday to what I thought was an innocent enough photo (pictured here). I'm not nude in the photo. There's no pubes showing. I'm even wearing jeans (you can see a bit of them in the lower left corner). Shortly thereafter, I got a notice when I fired up Grindr on my iPhone that the photo was taken down due to inappropriate or nude content. Odd. The guy in the "Happy Happy Joy Joy" post is showing more than my pic. Maybe I should've placed an emoticon over my nipple...

But, oh well. I just went back to a face pic. No big deal. Certainly not upset about it or anything.

I'd be interested if anyone else out there has had a photo rejected and why they thought it was tossed off Grindr.

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  1. Content Policy Sub-Clause 673: Grindr reserves the right to remove any photo that causes us to regret having that extra 6 doughnuts at lunch.