Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Taming of the Drew

Is this really Drew...? Not that I care. Potentially deceptive eye candy is better than no eye candy at all, I always say.

Well, okay, I don't always say that. I also say things like, "Ouch! That doesn't go there...!" and "Quick! Sneak out the back!" along with "Um, yeah, that'll cost you extra..."


  1. If this actually WERE Drew, would he REALLY need to find potential hookups on Grindr? Couldn't he just, oh I don't know, go stand ANYWHERE in the FREAKING WORLD and handpick anyone, male, female of ANY age or marriage status and have sex with them? I mean, is ANYONE gonna tell this guy no?


  2. Polt: *I'd* tell him no. As in, no *way* I'd say no.