Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Brian, meet Beartwink

Golly, we're, like, turning into Match.com. Brian here just so happens to be looking to meet a bear. Well, Brian, we at Fun With Grindr think that Beartwink is perfect for you.

Just, y'know, stay away from his teeth. And don't bother dating him during mating season, because he's just going to drop you after a week or less anyway. Oh, and he turns into a lazy bastard during the winter.

Other than that, we think he's perfect for you.


  1. Damn, too bad I'm not in Lancaster! As a bear, I can say I'd definitely love to meet Brian and his tats and his DSL and his nice arms etc, etc, etc....



  2. And here I can't even grow any decent body hair...

  3. Ray, you say that like it's a bad thing. I've seen your body with it's current hirsuteness...not at ALL a bad thing!

  4. I'm feeling left out here. Can Ray post picures of his body with its current hirsuteness?