Monday, December 7, 2009

Grindr Rejection: Parts 2, 3, 4 and 5

Regular readers know about the constant dilemma of my profile photos being rejected by Grindr. Well, I faced another round of them over the past few days. Okay, so let's do a quick recap. This was my first rejection:

Okay, so this is a tad scandalous according to the Grindr photo guidelines that state:

"Any photo showing any of the following will be censored or banned accordingly:
- Images that show overly suggestive poses including kneeling down or bending over while in underwear."

Granted, the shot isn't suggestive at all, but it is indeed showing me "kneeling down...while in underwear." Before I realized this "kneeling" rule, I thought that I'd just alter it a bit and see if that flew:

And it did fly for quite a while. Maybe because it was less obvious that I was kneeling in the photo. But eventually, that one got rejected too and was pulled from Grindr.

Realizing my "kneeling" error, I replaced it with this one:

So, no kneeling, no "suggestive posing." I thought I was good to go. Well, this one got rejected almost immediately (which started me thinking that I was then being watched very closely, though I don't know why). The only photo guideline that even remotely could be applied to this rejection notice is this one:

"Any amount of pubic hair or pants extending too far below the navel."

Well, there certainly isn't any pubic hair showing, so it would have to be the latter part of that guideline, but what's "too far below the navel"? Apparently it's not this:

Or this:

Or this (which actually violates at least two guidelines):

Which left me completely puzzled. But no more puzzled than my next three rejections, which I specifically cropped close to my waist in order to eliminate even a hint at anything being seen "too far below the navel". Observe:

And perhaps the coup de grace:

So how are the Grindr guidelines applied? I'm not clear on it at all, since these last three in particular show no violations to the photo guidelines. I'm completely befuddled as to how others on Grindr are allowed to have shirtless photos as profile pics, yet mine consistently (and quickly) get taken down.

Maybe if I had a bathroom or a gym locker room in the background it would help...

I sent a detailed email to Grindr on Saturday detailing my confusion as to the application of the guidelines to my photos and asking for an explanation of those guidelines so my profile photos no longer get rejected. Hopefully I'll hear from them soon. My concern is that I'll get inadvertently banned from Grindr due to the number of rejections that I've gotten, and that would be disappointing to say the least. Especially since I'm such an ardent supporter of the app and the fact that I've been trying to conform to their guidelines (and, in my opinion, succeeding in conforming).


  1. This IS odd. I'm going back to my original doughnut theory!

  2. it because you're just too sexy ;-)

  3. its because you have a website in your tag line. the puritans don't like to advertise other sites. only facebook and twitter for you!