Thursday, December 10, 2009

I'm gonna start a resolution!

This screen was kind enough to greet me as I opened Grindr the other day. Not that I didn't think it was coming. I had my profile rejected so many times, that I figured it was only going to take one more infraction before I got booted. This even happened after I sent an email to Grindr asking specifically why my profile was constantly in violation and taken down.

So, of course, I shot an email to them immediately asking what the scoop was and how to get reinstated, forwarding my previous email to them (which they hadn't yet responded to, since this was less than 24 hours after I'd sent it).

And they got back to me within just a few hours, which I was pretty impressed with. A Grindr rep -- we'll call him "Richard" (because that's his name) -- told me that websites aren't allowed on profiles and that was why it was getting rejected.

I'm, like, really??? All this time it's been a website and not the photos?? I was shocked, because they would always remove the photo, but not the text. I can remember only once when they removed both the photo and text, but that was not a time where my website appeared. How in the world was I supposed to figure that one out on my own? Websites appear on profiles all over on Grindr, so it never even occurred to me that that might be the issue. (It's not even a website that I use for business or anything, so it's odd that it's not allowed.)

Apparently they also didn't like me putting "I'm a creative/designer type", feeling that it was too solicitous. Now that seems a bit reaching, to be honest. It's not like I'm saying "Become a client!" :P

So all my images are good to go -- I specifically got that in writing from Grindr -- and I'm back on my favorite iPhone app! Woohoo!

And I gotta say both Richard and Rycardo at Grindr were great throughout this ordeal -- answering all my many questions and doing so quickly to get things resolved. Grindr customer service definitely rocks.

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