Friday, December 18, 2009

Typing the Stereo

Meet Thomas. There's nothing about Thomas to make fun of. Well, okay, apart from that couch, there's nothing to make fun of.

And this is why: He's just a damn nice guy.

I stumbled across Thomas on my way by Detroit (no one really goes into Detroit, they only ever go by it) when he saw me online (yes, I was driving -- don't judge me!) and we started chatting.

He's actually a really cool guy and even though it's been months since we first chatted, we still keep up with each other on Grindr.

He's a sci-fi addict like me and I can't wait to hear his take on "Avatar."

Anyway, my point is that you could easily judge Thomas by his Grindr photo (and that awesomely Thomas-like beard), but don't be too quick -- sometimes there's a damn cool guy behind it.

But feel free to judge his god-awful sofa.

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