Monday, January 18, 2010

Just stop trying

What the hell is that? Underwear? An adult diaper? A hiked-up skirt?

And what the heck kind of room is he in that there'd be a microwave on the floor?

And why would he take a picture in such a room in the first place??


  1. Hey...modeling can give a guy a wild case of the hungerskatez! It's good to have a microwave immediately available so you can nip those rumblez right away wiff a Hot Pocket or sixxx.

  2. When his milkshake brings all the boys over, he's got a microwave there to make them something tasty to go with it.

    Or something like that....


  3. Josh: I trust you're using the term "model" loosely...
    Polt: Or maybe the placement of it is merely so he can conveniently bend over in front of said guests...